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Barramundi Munupi Wilderness Lodge Melville Island Darwin Melville Island Accommodation Barramundi Fishing Darwin Northern Territory

Munupi Lodge Fishing
Munupi caters for the experienced sport fishing angler of every discipline, as well as those would would like to learn, right through to the casual "throw a line in" experience. Fly, lure, Bluewater and Barramundi fishing are all catered for. There are many reasons why Munupi has become the HOT spot in Australian fishing destinations. Mostly this is because of our huge diversity in fishing and abundant fish stocks. Where else can you indulge in an awesome display of Estuary fishing in a mornings work and then turn your hand to some heart stopping Blue water action all in the one day.

Fishing at Munupi Wilderness Lodge


Many Fish Species

Many Fish Species
Quite simply, the fishing is just sensational! That's not just because you are fishing in a very lightly fished areas around the Tiwi Islands, packed with all the sought-after tropical species such as Barramundi, Threadfin Salmon, Blue Salmon, Golden Trevally, Queenfish, Golden Snapper, Mangrove Jacks, Black Jewfish, Grunter, Mackerel and a host of others. The fishing is sensational because of the environment in which you are invited to fish. Surrounded by such pristine beauty spectacularly clear water, coral reefs, pristine white beaches that adorn the Tiwi Islands, devoid of footprints, and indeed any sign of human habitation. Rock-bars that inspire awe amongst the devoted angler.


Turtles, Dugong, Crabs
An abundance of turtles, dugong and crabs on sandbars. Crocodiles both of the saltwater and freshwater Johnson River species. Cruising sharks, feeding dolphins, occasional whales, Giant Turtles laying eggs on a remote beach. Its difficult to remember a trip when something quite spectacular and unexpected didn't happen! The fishing almost becomes secondary, as you steep your spirit in the wonder of your surroundings. But then, not quite overcome by your surroundings, you recover sufficiently to throw your first lure at a likely fish  Barramundi infested rock-bar, or load your rod and cast your fly mere inches in front of a cruising fish on the most awesome flat you have ever seen, or you drop your carefully baited line straight down onto a reef that shows teeming fish on the sounder and suddenly, you're on! Everything comes up tight! Truely fishing at it's best!

Turtles, Dugong and Crabs

Hand to Hand Combat

Hand to Hand Combat
Line, rod, reel, your arms, and that strange sensation around your heart! And now you are not admiring the wilderness, you are a part of it. The rod bucks, the fish jumps and charges. It's desperate, hand-to-hand combat. A subtle reminder, of what it was you were here for. It is at this time you ponder in the midst of battle, the saying that " fishing is meant to be relaxing. Perhaps this is true, had I not put a line in the water. Finally, exhausted, you bring your capture to the boat, thrilling to the intensity of colour and the majesty of a truly wild fish. A quick photo to capture the memory of your fishing adventure for life, and another strange sensation as your guide gently revives the fish and restores it to the wilderness to live, grow and who knows? Maybe provide another grateful angler with a similar experience. You and the wilderness are now one.

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Barramundi Munupi Wilderness Lodge Melville Island Darwin Melville Island Accommodation Barramundi Fishing Darwin Northern Territory

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